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Golden Oldies Rugby 


Golden Oldies is built around a spirit of “Fun, Friendship and Fraternity”

Golden Oldies is about getting on the rugby field – participating in friendly competition, rather than playing with a do-or-die winner-takes-all attitude.

It is a whole way of life that lets you play to the best of your ability and go on enjoying your favourite sport for many more years. The emphasis is on getting another chance to play the game they love in a new part of the world and getting the maximum amount of fun from it!

Golden Oldies Rugby started in 1979. Since then the movement has given many thousands of people the chance to keep playing the sport they love, experience new countries and cultures and make friends for life.

World Festivals may welcome teams from as many as 30 countries and participants will find themselves mixing and meeting with some of life’s most unforgettable characters.

You and your team are always welcome!




Past Events


1979 Auckland, New Zealand
1981 Long Beach, USA
1983 Sydney, Australia
1985 London, England
1987 Auckland, New Zealand
1989 Toronto, Canada
1991 Perth, Australia
1993 Dublin, Ireland
1995 Christchurch, New Zealand
1997 Vancouver, Canada
1998 Cape Town, South Africa
1999 Adelaide, Australia

2001 Toulouse, France
2003 Brisbane, Australia
2005 San Diego, USA
2006 Wellington, New Zealand
2008 Edinburgh, Scotland
2010 Sydney, Australia
2012 Fukuoka, Japan
2014 Mar del Plata, Argentina
2016 Cardiff, Wales
2018 Christchurch, New Zealand
2020 Denver, USA


Great places.
Great mates.

"Travelling around the world, playing the sport you love and catching up with great mates along the way - that's what Golden Oldies Rugby is all about."