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USD$200 per team registration • USD$35 per individual registration Please choose one the following methods of payment:
Credit Card
Bank Transfer
Terms and Conditions


Completing the entry form and paying the entry fee means that you accept the following conditions of participation.

  • The 2019 Golden Oldies World Rugby Festival in Denver (the “Festival”) is managed by Vintage Sport and Leisure Ltd and its duly appointed agencies. Attendance at the Festival is by invitation only and the organisers reserve the right to accept or decline applications for participation.

  • All persons participating as players or supporters must accept and sign the waiver, release and indemnification requirements before attending the event.

  • Minimum age for players is 35 years of age when participating in the Festival.

  • Entries may be from teams or smaller groups, including individuals.

  • All participants must purchase one of the packages provided by the organisers.

  • Vintage Sport and Leisure Ltd act only as agents for the providers of ground services included in packages and will not be responsible for any injury, cost, damage or delay which is the responsibility of any subcontractor engaged. Participants are responsible for obtaining adequate personal and medical insurance cover for all eventualities.

  • All teams, members and supporters acknowledge the authority of Vintage Sport and Leisure Ltd and its duly appointed agents to vary or alter the programme and nature of the Festival in unforeseen circumstances and as may be necessary.

  • Vintage Sport and Leisure Ltd reserves the right to change any venue of the Festival or any part thereof, including its removal to another country if it determines such a measure is necessary by reason of changed circumstance or conditions existing or anticipated at the Festival venue.


  • All prices are in USD and are on a per person basis

  • Team entry fee is USD$200 per team or USD$35 per individual

  • Festival package prices are for a 7 night package

  • Single Prices on application

  • Entries close 30th May 2019 (unless sold out prior) or at any other time at the discretion of Vintage Sport and Leisure Ltd.

  • Full payment to be completed on or before 30th May 2019

  • Late payments will be subject to a 5% Late Payment Fee at the discretion of the organisers

  • Golden Oldies and VSL are not liable for remitting bank fees, please make any arrangements necessary to cover such fees

    PRICES ARE SUBJECT TO CHANGE in the event of currency uctuations, changes to local tax rates and exceptional events beyond the control of the organisers and their suppliers.

    PAYMENT SCHEDULE: Deposits required to secure your chosen accommodation will be:

    • A deposit of USD$200 per person is required to secure your accommodation

    • A second deposit of USD$300 per person is required 31st May 2018

    • A third deposit of CAD$300 per person is required 30th September 2018

    • A fourth deposit of USD$300 per person is required 15th March 2019

    • Full payment of outstanding balance is to be paid no later than 30th May 2019

    • Golden Oldies and VSL are not liable for remitting bank fees, please make any arrangements necessary to cover such fees CANCELLATIONS and REFUNDS POLICY

    • Cancellation before 15th June 2018: refund available less USD$100 per person cancellation fee

    • Cancellation between 16th June 2018 and 30th December 2018: refund available less 20% cancellation fee

    • Cancellation between 31st December 2018 and 15th March 2019: refund available less 50% cancellation fee

    • Cancellation after 15th March 2019: No refund


      If you would like assistance on special Golden Oldies Travel Insurance then contact dianne@govsl.com