There's a place for everyone.

At Golden Oldies the rugby is not about the winning. It's about getting on the field, and playing the game you love with a bunch of your  best mates. With this in mind, we want to provide a playing environment that's safe for everyone. Which means having a variety of different grades where different teams can fit in - according to their fitness, playing standard and motivation! 



The President’s Grade is for teams that wish to play in accordance with the full laws as published by World Rugby. This is for the teams that wish to play full contact rugby. No Red, Gold or Purple shorts are permitted



Semi-Competitive matches are played in accordance with the law variations for Golden Oldies such as uncontested scrums and line-outs. This division is for the most vigorous level of play while still maintaining a level of safety for the players. Competitive rucking and mauls are permitted along with cleaning out at the tackles. As with the President’s Cup, No Red, Gold or Purple shorts are permitted.

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Social A, the highest of the social divisions, is for players that wish to still play a fast pace game but wish the safety of the Golden Oldies Law variations. No cleaning out of the tackles is permitted and while rucks and mauls can be vigorous, they will be limited in time and intensity. A total of 4 Red or Gold, but no Purple, shorts are permitted on the field at any one time.



Social B is a more relaxed game in which players can engage in a medium intensity match in which the rucks and mauls are limited to 15 to 20 seconds. The emphasis will be are recycling the ball quickly and to keep the ball passing. A total of 8 Red, Gold or Purple shorts are permitted on the field at any one time.



Social C is the lowest level of play in which the tackle, rucks and mauls will be strictly managed by the referees. The tackle incidents will result in the ball being immediately cleaned out with no contest by the opposing team. No rucking or mauling will be permitted with the emphasis on keeping the ball moving. Unlimited number of Red, Gold and Purple players are permitted.