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We know rugby talent when we see it.

We are known as the kings of the after-match.
At the Golden Oldies Festivals we have been to, we are always the last to leave the place, can anyone challenge us?????????

Stephen Larkham is considered a very good lock in Brazil

Stephen Larkham is considered a very good lock in Brazil

Report by Flavio Livovschi:

Keep Walking was formed in 2001 by former players from various Brazilian clubs, having in its number several former Brazil XV players. Today we have more than 100 players from the various states of Brazil and are based in Sao Paulo.


Our funniest story happened in Honolulu. Murilo, our lock, had just come off the field and a stranger asked me if he could go on as a substitute. I didn't recognize it was Stephen Larkham!!

I said to play in Murilo’s position.

“Nº 4?” he asked.

I said, “Just get in fast and don't complain.” So in he went and played the first game of his life as a forward, hahahahaha.

We have subsequently become great friends and he asked to play with us again in Christchurch. So we made a shirt with the number 4 and his name on the back ............

In Christchurch, we took a friend of ours who is a soccer player, and put him on the field (he had some notion of Rugby). During one play we passed the other team's defending line and he was right there in the line with us and was passed the ball. Just 5 yards he had to go for a try, but no, he kicked the ball, sending it through the goal .......... force of habit.

We always welcome players from other countries and have had players from South Africa, Australia, Argentina and England join us in the Golden Oldies.

We have been to several Golden Oldies and Vintage Rugby, (Hawaii, Perth, Cape Town, Johannesburg, Cardiff, Christchurch).

We are ready for Denver, we believe it will be one of the most fun. So far we are 30 players and more are to be confirmed.

Come and challenge our Kings of the Aftermatch claim!

With Nigel Owens in Cardiff

With Nigel Owens in Cardiff

Come and have a game in Brazil

We invite you to come and enjoy Vet rugby in Brazil. We can setup a trip of a lifetime! 

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